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Advertising with DrivingSeat.com
DrivingSeat.com can offer you many types of advertising, from advertising your motor vehicle, directory placements, button adverts and our highly prized banner adverts.

The advertising rates all depend on what type of advertising you require. Please select the type of advertising below.

Private adverts...
      Vehicles - 2.50 per week

Business directory - 150 per year

Button adverts...
      Position 1 - 25
      Position 2 - 22
      Position 3 - 21
      Position 4 - 20
      (Please note, buttons must be 120 x 60 pixels dimension.
Button price is per 1000 impressions and is on a rotation system.)

Banner adverts - 30 per 1000 impressions.
(Please note, banner adverts are on a rotation system.)

For the button and banner adverts, you can also define which pages the adverts appear.

We accept most major Credit/Debit cards through our on-line credit provider.

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